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Tofu scramble with spring onions, peppers and cracked black pepper.
Chop 1/5 a red pepper and 2 spring onions. Put into a hot wok with a teaspoon coconut oil.
Crumble 1/5 pack extra firm tofu into it.
Add a chopped clove of garlic, half a teaspoon kalanamak (black salt).
Cook for a few minutes whilst your toast is browning.
Serve, put some pepper on the top. 

Tofu scramble with spring onions, peppers and cracked black pepper.

Chop 1/5 a red pepper and 2 spring onions. Put into a hot wok with a teaspoon coconut oil.

Crumble 1/5 pack extra firm tofu into it.

Add a chopped clove of garlic, half a teaspoon kalanamak (black salt).

Cook for a few minutes whilst your toast is browning.

Serve, put some pepper on the top. 


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Full English Breakfast…Veganified!

This was super healthy and really nice! I’ve never eaten chard before and despite its slightly bitter taste it goes really well with the tofu scramble.

Ingredients for one hungry person

4/5 stems of chard, chopped up

1/5 pack of tofu

1 teaspoon american style mustard

1/2 teaspoon kala namak (black salt)

2/3 large flat mushrooms

1 slice of bread (I like Vogel’s soy and linseed or sunflower and chia seed)

Vitalite/dairy-free margarine (if you like!)

Food ahoy!

1. Chop up your chard and your mushrooms horizontally if they’re huge.

2. Pop the red stalks and mushrooms into a heated frying pan with a little oil and cook for a few minutes.

3. Whilst this is cooking, crumble your tofu along with the kala namak and mustard into a moderately hot pan, and mix up. It’ll turn a nice yellow colour!

4. Add the chard leaves to the frying pan and cook all for a couple minutes until they begin to wilt. Meanwhile, pop your toast on!

5. Put your margarine on your toast and serve!

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Choco-nutty porridge…

…mmm! This morning I woke up and was craving bananas. I made this recipe up and I hope you guys like it too! 

Ingredients to serve one

1 banana, sliced

1/4 cup porridge oats

3/4 - 1 cup water

1 tablespoon of chocolate and nut spread OR 2 teaspoons peanut butter and 2 teaspoons chocolate spread

1 tablespoon agave syrup

Cook away!

1. Put your oats and water into a saucepan and heat until oats are cooked and it is thick…about 7-10 minutes depending how thick you like it.

2. Add the agave and choconut spread into the mix. Stir until well combined.

3. Put into a bowl and place the chopped bananas on top.

4. Revel in the fact that you are eating chocolate for breakfast =) 

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Tofu Curreh Brekkeh…

…or tofu curry breakfast! Haha. Made this today when I realised I have an abundance of tofu and sweet potatoes. It was so good! It will go nicely in wraps, too.

Ingredients to serve one

1/4 block tofu

Half a red onion, chopped

Small sweet potato, grated

Tablespoon mixed seeds

Teaspoon cumin

Tablespoon nutritional yeast

Olive oil for frying

One piece of toast

Make the noms

1. Chop the onion and grate the sweet potato.

2. Fry in a little olive oil with the seeds for about 4 minutes on a medium heat, until both are softened. 

3. Crumble the tofu into the frying pan. Add the cumin and nutritional yeast. Stir up and fry for another few minutes until the tofu is hot through. 

4. Serve on toast with a glass of your favourite breakfast…or lunch…juice! 

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Pimpin’ pancakes

So…I decided I wanted pancakes that were just nice. Not overly sweet like the appley ones I did! So I made up a recipe…banana, maple syrup and cashew pancakes! Mmm…

Ingredients to make 8 pancakes

2.5 cups self raising flour

2.5 cups water

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons ground nut oil

pinch of salt

half teaspoon vanilla extract

half teaspoon almond extract 

ground nut oil to cook pancakes

crushed salted cashews, maple syrup and chopped banana for filling

(note - the cups I used were not a measure per se, I literally used a coffee cup!)


1. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl using a wooden spoon. It should come out the consistency of batter.

2. Using a ladle, take 2/3 of a spoon per pancake and cook for a few minutes either side until golden brown in a hot frying pan.

3. Put on your topping and eat!

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Yummy Yogi Tea…

This isn’t a recipe but it is a recommendation! 

I went to a local vegan café the other day and they had this amazing tea which I bought a box of after testing it..

It’s called ‘Choco Aztec Spice’ by Yogi Tea.

It tastes sooo good….like chai and chocolate. AND…it comes with cute anecdotes on the tags of the teabags!

It’s also caffeine free. Winner! 

I take mine strong and black. New favourite drink! 

Check it out at Holland & Barratt online..

Here be the tasty tea!

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Easy peasy avocado tofu scramble breakfast!

..Whew. That’s a mouthful of a name, haha! So this morning I realised I was a bit short on stuff for breakfast and made some tofu scramble with my newly acquired nutritional yeast and mashed up an avocado and put it on toast. Yum!


1 small ripe avocado

1 piece wholemeal bread

1/4 block tofu

Tablespoon nutritional yeast

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil for frying

Serves one


1. Put a splash of olive oil into a saucepan and heat up.

2. Crumble your tofu into the saucepan, followed by the nutritional yeast and salt and pepper.

3. Cook, stirring frequently, for about 5-7 minutes until hot through.

4. Whilst the tofu is cooking, peel your avocado and toast your bread.

5. Spread the avocado onto the toast. Put the tofu scramble on top. Add salt and pepper if you like!

6. Enjoy!


The nutritional yeast makes it taste kinda nutty and cheesy. It is very tasty but a new thing for me! Very filling, though. 

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Oat apple pancakes…

So, it was a Saturday morning and there is only one thing to do…make something yummy to eat! I just bought a new cookbook ‘500 Vegan Dishes’ by Deborah Gray, and the recipe was in it. They were scrummy and VERY filling. I only needed one! Without further ado…


Makes 6 large pancakes

100g self-raising flour

150g oats

2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 small apples, grated

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

500ml apple juice

Oil for frying

Maple syrup to serve

How does I do it?! 

1. Mix it all in a large mixing bowl. You should be left with something that looks something like this: 

2. Heat up a frying pan to a medium heat with a little oil in it. Place a whole ladel full of the mix into the middle for a large pancake, or a half for small ones. Cook for about 3-4 minutes each side until golden brown. This one is about ready to be turned!

3. Serve with maple syrup. 


They were very sweet! If you prefer a little less sweet pancake, substitute the apple juice for oat milk or another milk substitute. 

They were also very filling! 

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